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Canyon Beach - Visual Communications
Print Design and Development - Canyon Beach Visual CommunicationsWith the recent buzz and focus on Digital Media (Internet, CD-ROMs, E-Mail), and the prestige and constant exposure of Broadcast Media (TV and Radio), Print Media is often not given proper attention in today's marketing plans. Unfortunately, you see more badly designed and obtrusive junk mail, which turns off the majority of your audience in the name of getting that "2%" direct response rate. But if designed properly Print Media can be very creative and effective. And unlike other media you have complete control over all aspects of a printed piece. The size, shape, color, layout, and distribution method can all be customized for optimal impact.

With the Internet, you have to account for issues such as your prospects monitor settings, the browser choice, platform (PC, MAC, UNIX, etc.), the plug-ins they may or may not have installed, and even their level of computer literacy. Print however does not need technology. It is portable and can provide a longer viewing opportunity when extensive reading is required. This can be attested to by anyone who has tried to read a long passage on their computer. Print allows your audience to hold your piece in their hand giving it substance, and because of the medium's age and history it is taken as much more credible and accurate. Hence the saying "It must be true - I read it in black and white." In addition, the majority of points of contact with your audience are only delivered through print.

Each type of media has its advantages and disadvantages, but print has and will always be an integral part a business's marketing presence.

Overview of Print Media Benefits
  • Portability
  • Perception of Permanence
  • Free from the technical limitations of the user/audience
  • Used in the majority of Points of Contact
Canyon Beach - Visual Communications
Print Media Examples
  • Promotions & Advertisements
  • Direct Mail
  • Corporate Literature & Annual Reports
  • Logo & Corporate Identity Systems
  • Books, Manuals, and Instructional Materials
  • Event & Trade Show Booths and Banners
  • Product Packaging
  • Illustration & Photography

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