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Canyon Beach - Visual Communications
Integrated Marketing Consulting and Program Development - Canyon Beach Visual CommunicationsDifferent businesses and industries need to reach and communicate to different markets with different buying habits. The balance of your mix of marketing efforts, media, placement, and frequency are key in optimizing your market reach and impact. And with today's business environment more competitive than ever, an Integrated Marketing approach allows your marketing plan to be flexible, adaptable, and efficient - maximizing your bang for your buck.

What is Integrated Marketing?
Integrated Marketing is the combination of media and techniques from traditional and new marketing disciplines such as General Advertising, Direct Response, Internet Marketing, and Email Marketing. The information we gain from our business review during our Strategic Planning stage of project is key in developing a Integrated Marketing Plan that will be most effective in achieving your business goals and objectives.

Summary of Marketing Disciplines:

  • General Advertising - Branding advertisements in Periodicals, TV, Radio, and other media
  • Internet Marketing - Ad Banners, Pop-ups, Email, Search Engine Placement, Affiliate Programs
  • Direct Response - Advertisements in any media based around trackable actions by a prospect ( an 800 number, Business Reply Card, Fulfillment Kit, etc.)
  • Media Buying and Placement

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