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Canyon Beach - Visual Communications
Digital Design and Development - Canyon Beach Visual CommunicationsDigital Media can quickly become a dangerous minefield if not executed properly. Mistakes such as a confusing interface, over-loaded presentation screens, slow response-time, or an error plagued on-line ordering system (just to name a few) can turn-off your audience with as much power as it can turn them on. Our experience with Digital Media enables us to avoid such potential problems and look ahead to potential opportunities for your business to better communicate with your target audience.

The Internet
The Internet changed forever the way businesses interact with their customers and prospects. Millions of people use the Internet today with more getting on-line everyday. But many businesses feel the Internet has no benefit to them. This can be a risky oversight and in the future they may find themselves playing catch-up to competitors who have been working in the Digital Media arena for years. Does this mean you need to have a war chest of funds and invest tens of thousands of dollars to build your web presence? Of course not. Each business is unique and will benefit from a unique Internet strategy with varying levels of content and functionality. Click here to see a comparison of different types of web sites with varying functionality and estimated cost ranges.

I am a small local business - How can the Internet help me?
What do you spend on local advertising in flyers, local papers, and mail to drive people to your business? Depending on your market and types of customers you are trying to reach, a web site and email advertising is able to achieve the same results less expensively, keep you in timely personal contact with existing customers, and can easily updated and maintained.

I don't want to spend more on a web site, than the amount of business I will get in return.
It depends on your product or service, your market area, and business model. A web site may very well not be for you, but it is not something to overlook. The benefits or greater market reach, cheaper distribution of information, easier and quicker customer service and support, and the potential for an E-Commerce component to your business, may mean you are passing up revenue and cost-saving opportunities that can affect your bottom line. We can conduct a Return on Investment analysis to give you better insight into the type of web site that may be right for your business.

Overview of Internet Benefits
  • Cost-Savings
  • Market Reach
  • Ease of Update and Changes
  • Dynamic Medium
  • Interactivity
  • Ability to track and collect info about customers and prospects
  • E-Commerce/On-line Store
  • Online or email based customer service & support
  • Dynamic Customized User Experience based on user attributes
Canyon Beach - Visual Communications
Digital Media Examples
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Interactive Content/Information Architecture
  • Flash/Shockwave
  • Traditional and Web Animation & Motion Graphics
  • E-Commerce Development and Consulting
  • Custom Web Application Consulting & Development
  • CD ROM Design & Development
  • PowerPoint Presentation Design
  • Streaming Video

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